About Us

Sconsulting is a consulting firm places in Italy and Sydney with several years of experiences.

Thanks to a skilled and professional team and the relations with real estate agencies, lawyers and tax agents in Italy and Australia we operate in the Australian Market in in security and we are ready to help and exploit new opportunities.


We offer a full range of services which help your business to export and open in the Australian Market: to constitute the Company, manage the logistic, legal and fiscal assistance and commercial planning.

Export product in Australia

Real Estate Investments in Australia

Implement a franchising concept in Australia




Franchising and other opportunities

Why Australia?

Australia is a solid country, with a developed economy and a significant and comparable GDP similar to other major economies such as USA, Switzerland, Canada, Norway and Germany. The politics system is stable and the continue investments in infrastructures keep high standard quality-life, certainty in the legislation, economic growth, services and education, low fiscal impact and research of Italian and quality products. These are the main reasons to choose Australia as country to invest.

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 S Consulting – Sidney

78/10 Pyrmond Bridge Road – Camperdown 

2050 NSW – Sidney – Australia

Email: info@australiasconsulting.com


S Consulting – Bologna

Piazza Minghetti 4  –  Casella Postale 131

40126 Bologna Italy

Email: info@australiasconsulting.com