Sconsulting set a range of fees and solutions depending on the level of investment:


  • Fees by Project
  • Fees by Service
  • Hourly Fees


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Why contact Sconsulting

  • Reliability – Sconsulting develop the project from the beginning until the launch
  • Saving – The client not require to travel as the Sconsulting team is available in Australia.
  • Efficiency – Sconsulting let you enter from the front door in the Australian market
  • Unicity –  Sconsulting is the unique source of information for a client prospective.
  • Innovation and Feasibility – Sconsulting is open to develop new project and create ad-hoc request as per client demand.
  • Australia – Dynamic, politically secure and high life quality country where Italian product are well considered by the Australian community.

We work to achieve satisfaction and great results.


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 S Consulting – Sidney

78/10 Pyrmond Bridge Road – Camperdown 

2050 NSW – Sidney – Australia

Email: info@australiasconsulting.com


S Consulting – Bologna

Piazza Minghetti 4  –  Casella Postale 131

40126 Bologna Italy

Email: info@australiasconsulting.com